Mystic Time Travellers

We are the future and the future is here,
No need to fear, we won’t disappear,
Our fortune is non-fungible, not material.

Mystic Time Travellers is a collection of 3333 non-gender-specific Mystics that come with 215 unique traits and a fortune. Fortune holders will be rewarded while playing our trivia game, Wheel of Mystics. All fortunes lead to a good cause.

Tale of the Mystics


Free the Mystics

It all begins when the Mystics are set free by their owners. Holders do not only meet a Mystic but also the fortune that comes with it.

Capture the Mystics

Since the Mystics are released, now you gotta catch them back. You will be able to find them in various markets and in deep corners of exquisite collections.

Fortunes Make Fortunes

Now is the time to know about your fortune. In the future, you will understand more, about how fortunate you are. For now, maybe it is better to keep it to yourself.

Wheel of Mystics

So you may ask what is the use of these Mystics. That is where our authentic “Wheel of Mystics” game comes in handy. The demo is ready, go on and try your skills..

List the $MYST

$MYST token will be generated. We would love to give out our fortune as well. So do not hesitate to get on the scoreboard, it might come in handy.

Spin the Wheel

As soon as we have the leaderboards filling, $MYST will be dropping. Top spinners will be rewarded.

It’s a Circus!

We will be building our games and projects under a colorful tent. Fun is certain, gains are additional.


FAQ frequently

What is Mystic Time Travellers ?

Mystic Time Travellers is an NFT Social Society on blockchain. 3333 Mystic Time Traveller NFTs without a specific gender minted with 215 unique traits and a fortune attached to them. Mystics will be used to in our beloved trivia game, Wheel of Mystics.

When is the launch ? How much will it cost ?

Launch date and mint price are going to be announced very soon.

How can I mint a Mystic NFT ?

Details of the launch will be announced very soon, please follow our socials.

Will there be a presale/whitelist ?

Yes, a whitelist will be made up to various events, activities and contests. Some will be informed before and some will be a flash.

Will you host any giveaways ?

Yes, we will be hosting giveaways on our Twitter and in our Discord. Make sure you follow us for a chance.

What is the utility of Mystics ?

Mystic holders will have incentives in our play2earn Circus. Players will be able to earn and spend the token as they desire while playing the game. Not only $MYST but they can also earn NFTs and various gifts.


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